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We're proud of our service to our community and continue to look for new ways to fulfill our mission of improving our community's overall health.


We are a tobacco-free campus.


Platte Valley Medical Center promotes the science that tobacco use is harmful to health and does so by encouraging abstinence and sponsoring stop smoking seminars for the community. According to the Center for Disease Control, tobacco use is the nation’s leading killer and the single most preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States.

Because PVMC takes seriously our mission of teaching healthful living and caring for the health of the community, we feel we must lead by example. Being free of tobacco is something that everyone can and should do. There is no safe way of using tobacco, and substances in tobacco and tobacco smoke may cause harm even at low levels of exposure. Tobacco use by employees diminishes the hospital’s capacity to advocate for healthy living and sends a message counterproductive to the hospital’s mission and values.

Since 2007, Platte Valley Medical Center has been a tobacco-free campus. As of January 1, 2013, PlatteValley Medical Center took the next step in its commitment to provide a safe and healthy environment and to set an example to the patients and community we serve by hiring only candidates who are free of the use tobacco products of any kind.

If you have been tobacco free for the past 90 days, please continue to fill out your application. If you have not been tobacco free for the past 90 days, we are unable to accept your application at this time. We will be happy to accept your application in the future, once you have been tobacco free for 90 days. We reserve the right to do a nicotine test randomly or for cause.

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