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Special Care Nursery

Special Care Nursery: 303-498-3460
Lactation & Education: 303-498-3415
Women’s & Newborn Center: 303-498-3400

Download the Special Care Nursery Patient Guide

Welcome to the Special Care Nursery (SCN) at Platte Valley Medical Center. Our nursery is special and unique. We are proud to feature Colorado’s only all private room Special Care Nursery with eight private rooms for at-risk infants and those born up to eight weeks premature. Every private room also offers overnight accommodations for mom or another family member to allow parents to be comfortably present with their child on a 24-hour basis.

We work in partnership with The Children’s Hospital of Denver to provide excellent care to our babies and their families.

From the moment your precious little one is admitted to the SCN, we are planning for the day you will be able to go home together. It is our desire that your time with us is as pleasant as possible and our goal is to provide your baby with the best possible care. We see parents as our partners and will include you in your infant’s daily plan of care.

We are honored to care for you and your baby. Please let us know if there is anything we can for you.


Your Special Care Nursery Team

Special Care Nursery Team

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