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We're proud of our service to our community and continue to look for new ways to fulfill our mission of improving our community's overall health.


Labor, Delivery & Postpartum

Phone Numbers: 303-498-3521 – Director
303-498-3460 – Special Care Nursery
303-498-3505 – Labor & Delivery Nurses Station
303-498-3400 – Postpartum Nurses Station
303-498-3415 – Lactation & Education

Department Contact: Carri Montgomery - Director

Pre-Registration Form for Delivery

Childbirth Education Classes


Our Labor, Delivery and Postpartum suites are located within the Women’s and Newborn Center. The Women’s and Newborn Center is located on the 3rd floor of the main hospital building and consists of three separate areas: Triage, Labor & Delivery, a dedicated operating room suite, Level II Special Care Nursery, and Postpartum/Gynecology/Well Baby wing. All patient rooms are private and include dedicated space for family and visitors. Each room has space for a family member to stay overnight with the patient.

Skilled Staff to Serve You

Our experienced, professional and caring staff of physicians, perinatal nurse practitioners and obstetric nurses are available to create a wonderful birth experience for you and your family. Please discuss your birth plans with your physician or during your prenatal visits so we can best assist you when the exciting moment arrives!


We offer childbirth education classes, antenatal testing, and complete birthing services for both vaginal and caesarean section deliveries, postpartum and newborn care.


Pre-registration is not required, but will make the admitting process much faster, especially if you come to the hospital in active labor! Download our Pre-registration form and drop by the Admitting office in our main lobby. You may also call 303-498-1508 and ask for the Admitting Pre-registration line. Please have your insurance or payment information available at this time.

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