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Date: 10/05/12
Title: Platte Valley Medical Center Uses an FDA-Licensed Injection Provider


Platte Valley Medical Center Uses an FDA-Licensed Injection Provider,

Not The Specialty Compound Found Linked to Recent National Meningitis Outbreak


 You may have heard the recent national news about a meningitis outbreak linked to a compounded steroid injection supplied by the New England Compounding Company (NECC). The injections are a common treatment for back pain and the majority of these cases are in Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia. The drug has reportedly been shipped to at least 23 states, though no meningitis cases or medication shipments have been documented thus far in Colorado.

Thankfully, none of the steroids used for spinal injections at Platte Valley Medical Center have come from the source in question,” explains Platte Valley Medical Center Physiatrist Andrew Smolenski, M.D. “Therefore, I don’t anticipate any concerns locally regarding the recent outbreak of meningitis in other parts of the country.”

Platte Valley Medical Center uses only commercial FDA-licensed manufacturers of injectable pain medication, not compounded steroid injections supplied by the New England Compounding Company (NECC).

If you have questions regarding this meningitis outbreak, please visit the CDC website for the latest information:

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