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Date: 03/17/11
Title: 9 Health Fair at PVMC April 9th


Free and low-cost screenings bring Adams County Residents to PVMC

With nearly 20 free and five low-cost health screenings and easy access to health education, the 9Health Fair at Platte Valley Medical Center on (PVMC) April 9th is an immeasurable value for those 18 and older.

Five low-cost health screenings offered at PVMC this year:

  • Blood Chemistry Screening (Cost: $30.00)
  • Prostate Specific Antigen Screening for Men (Cost: $25.00)
  • Blood Count Screening (Cost: $15.00)
  • Vitamin D Screening (Cost: $40.00)
  • Colon Cancer Screening Take Home Kit (Cost: $20.00)

Pilot screenings offered this year at PVMC:

Sleep Apnea Screening – a free test for individuals who experience pauses in breathing for 10 seconds or more while asleep. Sleep Apnea affects one out of five people and can cause problems with blood pressure, diabetes, irregular heartbeat, stroke or heart attack.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Screening - a free blood test to screen for auto-antibodies to make diagnose a definite. Rheumatoid Arthritis is diagnosed when someone has stiffness and pain in their joints.

In addition to the five low-cost screenings, free screenings such as Pap Smears, Breast Exams, Blood Pressure, Free “Ask A Medical Question/Get a Referral” services, Ask a Pharmacist, Osteoporosis, Oral, Hearing, foot, Skin checks, Cardiac Risk Assessment, and free health education will be available to participants. Qualified health care professionals will conduct all exams. To ensure smooth and efficient blood draws, we ask participants to begin drinking water early that morning and continue to hydrate throughout the screening process.

“Our community-driven program is a safe, friendly, and affordable way for people to learn more about their health. This year, we want people who regularly participate in 9Health Fair to bring their loved ones so that they can start taking action to live a long, high quality life,” said Jim Goddard, President and CEO of 9Health Fair. “With jobs and healthcare weighing heavily on most people’s minds today, it has never been more important for people to really start understanding and owning their health.”

For more about the 9Health Fair at Platte Valley Medical Center, call Peggy Jarrett at 303-498-3590, or email her at . You can also visit .

About 9Health Fair

Created by a National Institutes of Health project and 9NEWS, 9Health Fair is Colorado’s largest non-profit health fair that promotes health awareness, encourages individuals to take on their own health care, and is completely driven by volunteers. The fair’s free and low-cost screenings have earned unique endorsements from the Colorado Medical Society, Colorado Hospital Association, and Colorado Nurses Association because of the education the fair brings to the surrounding public about health care. As an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, 9Health Fair has impacted 1.7 million lives since 1980 while keeping financial expenses under 17 percent of its total budget, well under the industry 20-25 percent average.

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