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Johnson, Warren - M.D.

Physician Profile

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Name:Johnson, Warren - M.D.
Organization:Owl Creek Medical
Area of Expertise: Family Medicine
Address:70 S. 20th Avenue, Suite H
Brighton, CO 80601
Phone:(303) 655-1111

Medical Degree:

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center


Middlesex Memorial Hospital, Connecticut

Board Certification:

American Board of Family Medicine

Additional Certification:

Level II Worker Compensation Certified

Dr. Johnson provides care for all stages of life: infants, children, adults and seniors. He treats diabetes, hypertension, acute illness, sports injuries and broken bones.

He has practiced in the community for nearly 30 years and is active in youth sports and school health education.

He is also bilingual in Spanish.

Dr. Johnson is a member of the Colorado Board of Medical Examiners and the National Board of Medical Examiners.

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