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Licona, Virgilio - M.D.

Physician Profile

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Name:Licona, Virgilio - M.D.
Organization:Salud Family Health Centers
Area of Expertise: Family Medicine
Address:1860 Egbert Street
Brighton, CO 80601
Phone:(303) 655-4900

Medical Degree:

Autonomous University of Hidalgo


University of North Dakota

Board Certification:

American Board of Family Practice

Dr. Licona enjoys all aspects of Family Medicine and has dedicated his vocation to caring for the underserved. “I believe in the philosophy: ’HEALTH CARE IS FOR PEOPLE, NOT PROFIT,’” describes Dr. Licona.

He frequently listens to classical music at work and is a fan of the Broncos and Rapids. His personal therapy comes from gardening at home with family.

“I am proud to have my wife, Barbara, two wonderful children; Marco and Tara, and a beautiful grandchildren. I have no greater achievements.”

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