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Rajpal, Sharad - M.D.

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Name:Rajpal, Sharad - M.D.
Organization:Boulder Neurosurgical and Spine Associates
Area of Expertise: Neuro Surgery, Spine Surgery
Address:1606 Prairie Center Parkway, Suite 250
Brighton, CO 80601

Phone:(303) 938-5700

Medical Degree:

University of Wisconsin


University of Wisconsin


Cleveland Clinic


Dr. Rajpal believes that patients want to be treated by competent physicians who offer the latest technological and surgical techniques, but that they also deserve to be treated in a climate that fosters trust and joint decision making. He knows that even though two patients may have exactly the same diagnosis, they may require, or desire, completely different treatments. Dr. Rajpal has experience in the latest techniques in spinal oncology, minimal access surgery and complex spinal deformity.

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