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Dhar, Pradeep - M.D.

Physician Profile

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Name:Dhar, Pradeep - M.D.
Organization:Salud Family Health Center
Area of Expertise: Family Medicine
Address:1860 Egbert St
Brighton, CO 80601
Phone:(303) 655-4900

Medical Degree:

Mahatma Gandhi Medical College/Mumbai University in Bombay, India


University of North Dakota

Board Certification:

American Board of Family Medicine

Dr. Dhar is a family medicine physician who has a special interest in adult medicine and hospital care. In his home country of India he received extensive training in primary care medicine. In 2004 and 2005 Dr. Dhar received the award for Best Resident from the University of North Dakota. Dr. Dhar believes that an honest and direct approach in patient care is the best way to practice.

In his free time, Dr. Dhar enjoys classical music, hiking and any kind of good food. He likes the Brighton community for its diversity and vibrancy.

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