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Vierthaler, Mary - M.D.

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Name:Vierthaler, Mary - M.D.
Organization:Denver Nephrology
Area of Expertise: Nephrology
Address:1606 Prairie Center Parkway
Suite 100
Brighton, CO 80601
Phone:(303) 498-2270

Medical Degree:

University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine


University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine


University of Utah

Board Certification:

American Board of Internal Medicine
– Nephrology

Dr. Vierthaler is responsible for the well-being and care of patients with chronic kidney disease. She is a member of the American Society of Nephrology, National Kidney Foundation, and American Society of Internal Medicine.

She also takes a great pride in volunteering her time where she has helped educate high school students about medicine and medical issues. She is also interested in the welfare of children through her volunteerism with Kansas City House for Mentally Disabled Children and various Ronald McDonald Houses.

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