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Stees, Christopher S. - D.O., FACC

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Name:Stees, Christopher S. - D.O., FACC
Organization:High Plains Heart & Vascular Center
Area of Expertise: Cardiology
Address:1606 Prairie Center Parkway
Suite 350
Brighton, CO 80601
Phone:(303) 659-7000

Medical Degree:
Oklahoma State University

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Board Certification:
American Board of Internal Medicine / Cardiology / Cardiac Electrophysiology

Dr. Stees is a cardiologist with a special emphasis in electrophysiology. He works with Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Khan and Molavi to diagnose and treat patients with abnormal heart rhythms. He is a specialist in the field of cardiovascular disease, evaluates the results of detailed technical procedures to determine heart rhythms, and designs treatments appropriate for abnormal heart rhythms, including the placement of pacemakers.

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