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Euser, Anthony - D.O.

Physician Profile

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Name:Euser, Anthony - D.O.
Organization:Platte River Medical Clinic
Area of Expertise: Family Medicine
Address:2801 Purcell St
Brighton, CO 80601
Phone:(303) 659-7600
Fax:(303) 558-8223

Medical Degree:

University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kansas City, MO


St. Anthony Family Medicine

Board Certification:

American Board of Family Medicine

Dr. Euser works in a family practice clinic and provides Obstetric, Gynecology, Surgery, General Medicine and Pediatrics services.

Dr. Euser has an interest in sports medicine and enjoys biking, skiing, golfing, racquetball/squash, flying and travel in his free time.

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