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Women’s Services

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The Platte Valley Medical Center Foundation has launched a two-year campaign to further the development of a comprehensive Women’s Services program at PlatteValleyMedicalCenter.  Cornerstones of this campaign include:

  • Advocacy – Awareness campaigns will be provided to encourage the women of our community to seek recommended screening to promote prevention, early detection and treatment of identified disease.  Women will be encouraged to self refer for screening mammography, as Medicare and Medicaid data reveals that only 40% of women who are candidates for screening mammography are actually completing an annual mammogram.
  • Convenient Access- To encourage appropriate screening, expanded scheduling hours will be offered to meet the needs of our patients.
  • Accuracy and Quality- New state of the art digital mammography with computer aided detection (CAD) capabilities provides superior image quality. CAD is a computer-based process designed to analyze mammographic images for suspicious areas.  CAD, when used for screening or diagnostic mammography, can aid the radiologist by identifying small breast calcifications and help in the early detection of cancer.
  • Coordination of Care – For a woman newly diagnosed with cancer, figuring out what happens next, what to expect, and how to seek the care that she needs is overwhelming without help.  A physician and staff team to include Radiology, Surgery, Oncology and a Nurse Navigator/Educator will be developed to provide collaborative and coordinated care and help these patients through every step of treatment.  Patients will benefit from a more timely diagnosis, coordination of needed appointments, procedures and treatments and an improved understanding of their choices.  At a time when they may be reeling in shock and fear, the patient and her family can rely on a coordinated team to navigate their journey.

Over 10,000 screening mammograms will be preformed at PVMC during this two-year campaign.  Sadly, some of these patients will have abnormal screenings and begin their journey with breast disease.  Each and every one is someone’s wife, sister, mother, daughter, grandmother, co-worker or friend.  Join us in the campaign to make locally accessible, comprehensive and patient centered Women’s Services a reality for the communities we serve. One Hundred percent of your gift will support this initiative.

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