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Women and Children’s Fund

To donate to the Women and Children’s Fund, click here.


women and childrens fund

The Women and Newborn Center, Women’s Imaging Center, and ancillary women’s services at Platte Valley Medical Center rely on the Women and Children’s Fund to support their mission to provide excellent medical services to the women and children in our community.


“Our needs are ongoing,” explains Women’s and Newborn Center Director Carri Montgomery. “We need funding for neonatal nurse practitioner coverage, neonatologists, and specialized equipment; which includes isolettes, warmers, mammography equipment and more.”


“Life throws unexpected circumstances that many of us are unprepared for, but it’s nice to know that our local hospital is prepared and ready to take whatever comes at us while helping us along in the process,” describes David Rhoades, a first-time father whose daughter, Averi, was born at PVMC.


“A lot of times when you give financially, you don’t always get to see the end result of your giving and the lives it impacts,” he continues. “I hope we are testimonies to the fact that you have changed our lives and impacted us in a way that we will always remember. I hope you continue to contribute and give to this wonderful hospital because it is well worth it and it’s not money wasted.”


women and childrens fund


Donate to the Women’s & Children’s Fund


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