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We're proud of our service to our community and continue to look for new ways to fulfill our mission of improving our community's overall health.


Faces of Our Future

The Foundation is pleased to share several areas of support that will benefit the hospital now and in the years to come. Through the “Faces of Our Future” we will continue to support the many programs and services of Platte Valley Medical Center.

Faces of Our Future – Giving Opportunities

Annual Fund - Contributions are unrestricted and used to support hospital programs and services as determined by the Board of Trustees.

Endowment Fund - The Endowment Fund was established in December 2007. This is the hospital’s first endowment fund. The principal of the Endowment Fund is invested in perpetuity and the interest and income will provide for the many needs of the hospital – now and for generations to come. Gifts to the Endowment Fund are truly gifts that will fund the future of our organization.

Oncology Fund - Donations will support the needs of cancer patients receiving treatment in our community.

Technology Fund - This fund will support the purchase of new equipment, state-of-the-art technology, and the education and infrastructure that will be needed to place the hospital on the cutting edge of medical advances.

Major Gifts - Cornerstone Partners – While all gifts to the Platte Valley Medical Center Foundation are important gifts, The Cornerstone Partners are especially vital to support Platte Valley Medical Center. The Cornerstone Partners program is a membership for donors that make a cumulative contribution of $10,000 or more. These major gift donors can direct their gifts to specific Hospital priorities that meet their own interests, including:

  • A particular program or project
  • A critical piece of equipment
  • Existing buildings
  • Potential new structures
  • The Healing Art Program
  • The Endowment Fund

Contributions can be made through a variety of gift vehicles and multi-year pledges are encouraged.

Women and Children’s Fund - This fund will help meet the needs of our Special Care Nursery, the Women’s Imaging Center, and other needs of the women and children we serve.

Women’s Services Fund - The Platte Valley Medical Center Foundation has launched a two-year campaign to further the development of a comprehensive Women’s Services program at PlatteValleyMedicalCenter.

We welcome you to join us in pursuing our mission of support for Platte Valley Medical Center and making a positive difference in the healthcare services available in our community!

If you would like to learn more about the many ways you can contribute, please call the Foundation office at (303) 498-3635 or e-mail Executive Director Marcie Demchuk at

Make your tax-deductible charitable contribution today!

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