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We're proud of our service to our community and continue to look for new ways to fulfill our mission of improving our community's overall health.


Why Volunteer?

Volunteers are people who give the gift of themselves and their time to do something in relation to a cause in which they believe. People who by their actions, not their words, are ready to help where help is needed, and people who are ready to serve where service is wanted.

Volunteering is a spiritually rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to share, to learn and to make a commitment to a vision. Volunteers are vital, for without them we would be unable to provide all the services our communities enjoy and deserve.

Volunteering is an inner voice guiding a person to give his or her time and talent in a loving way. It may well be one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences of life.

Volunteers come from all walks of life. They can be working or retired, homemakers, students or teenagers. People who volunteer are looking for ways to help others, are interested in the medical field, want to learn about their local health care system, want to contribute to their community, and/or want to be part of the patient care team.

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