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We're proud of our service to our community and continue to look for new ways to fulfill our mission of improving our community's overall health.


Our Mission & Community Benefit

As one of the few remaining community-owned, nonprofit hospitals in Colorado, PVMC is not owned or operated by a large health care system but governed by a community board of directors where decisions are made at a local level.

Our mission is to foster optimal health for all.


Community Benefit & Needs Assessment

Fostering optimal health for all means ensuring access to quality care. It also means taking care of our community through contributions of the heart. Last year alone, Platte Valley Medical Center (PVMC) provided nearly $750,000 in community benefits in the form of CHIP grants, free health screenings, cash donations, community first aid, and seminars, public events, and support groups.

In August, PVMC conducted a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to comply with federal regulations guiding tax-exempt hospitals. The Community Health Needs Assessment incorporated existing demographic and health data for the community served by the hospital. It included collection and analysis of input from persons who represent the broad interests of the community served by the hospital, including those with special knowledge of public health.

The health needs were identified from issues supported by primary and secondary data sources gathered for the Community Health Needs Assessment. The needs were indicated by stakeholder interviews and secondary data sources. The needs were confirmed by more than one indicator or data source (i.e., the health need was suggested by more than one source of secondary or primary data). In addition, the health needs were based on the size of the problem (relative portion of population afflicted by the problem); or the seriousness of the problem (impact at individual, family, and community levels). The health needs were prioritized through a structured process using defined criteria. This Implementation Strategy addresses the health needs identified through the CHNA.

Priority Health Needs

Platte Valley Medical Center is addressing the following health needs through our community benefit programs and activities:

  • Access to care
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease

Addressing the Health Needs

Platte Valley Medical Center plans to meet the identified priority health needs through a commitment of resources, programs, and services. To review PVMC’s Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation strategy, open these files:

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